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Longtime Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate Dies at 61

Accredited with “making thing happen in the breast cancer world” Barbara Brenner spent most of life being a strong advocate for breast cancer awareness. On May 10th Barbara passed way at the age of 61 from complication related to her recent struggles with ALS.  Barbara lost her ability to speak during her struggle with ALS but those close to her have said she never failed to be heard and while using her iPad to speak in 2011, Ms. Brenner said in a USA Today video: “If I focus constantly on the loss, I think I would end up in a pretty self-pitying place, and that so does not interest me. We can all do some things, even if they are not the things we could do before.”

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Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy

We’ve all seen the news about Angelina having a double mastectomy due to a family history of cancer in female relatives, no doctors are detailing the procedure and exactly brought her to this decision. See the full story here and tell us….What do you think about Angelina’s choice?