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Register Today!!!

 No need to wait,  register your team now to in sure your spot at this years “Golf For The Cure”

Everyone knows the tournament fills up quick and each year it fills up faster and faster.

So contact us today for spot to support the Cure.

We Appreciate Your Patience

We appreciate your patience as our site is currently under construction.

It’s Time To “Support The Mission”

Each year St. Louis Golf For The Cure see’s more and more golfers joining for a day of Golf Supporting a great cause. More, importantly each year new Sponsors, Volunteers and Outside Donations come forward to make all this possible.

 Your donations is what gives us the chance to fight for a Cure, So let’s make this year even bigger and get even closer to a Cure.

5th Annual St.Louis Tournament

Join Us Saturday October 8th 2011 For the 5th Annual St. Louis Golf For The Cure Tournament. Once again it will be held at Eagkle Springs Golf Course in Saint Louis Missouri.

So get them clubs back out dust them off and hit the range, it’s time to Golf For The Cure!!